Early retiree wannabes need to take a long hard look at their bank statements.  That’s what I’ve been doing lately.  I look at my biggest expense as well as recurring expenses and see if I can minimize them, or better, eliminate them.

Something I spend a lot of money on is books.  I may buy 5-6 books a month.  Rarely these books will be read more than once.  Sometimes these books will never be finished.

I thought how can I minimize my book buying habit?  And then I vaguely remembered that most cities and towns have these building that store books called libraries.  On top that, these libraries let you borrow books for free. Who would of thought?

I went down to my local library and signed up for a library card.  This took all of 2 minutes.  After that I was free to borrow any book in the building and even download their books onto my kindle!

Then again your library might not have the most up to date collection.  If you just have to read a certain book go and buy it.  But if you’re already in the middle of another book just wait.  Place the book you want on your Amazon wish list.  If three weeks pass and you still want it then buy it.  Until then, show some goddamn restraint.   

I notice that I sometimes buy books impulsively.  A blogger will recommend a list of books and I’ll run to Amazon to get them all.  I may read one, but the rest just sit in my kindle or shelf never to be opened.

Libraries will allow you to borrow a book for three weeks.  Which adds some urgency that you should read this book while you have it.  A wish list will kill impulse buys and remind you to buy books you’re actually going to read.



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