Don’t Give Yourself The Option To Give Into Temptation – Purge Your Kitchen

Starting a diet is tough.  Everyone is betting on you to fail or could give a fuck if you succeed.  Our society is set up to cater to sugar burners.  Go look at the restaurants that make the most money year in and year out.  Try to find a low carb option on the list.  You won’t

Temptation is around every corner.  You can’t control the fact that healthy food options are far and few between.  But you can control the foods in your kitchen.

Don’t make a diet harder than it has to be.  Purge your kitchen of anything processed, high in carbs, and filled with sugar.  Be relentless.  Bread, pasta, white rice, cereal, ice cream, unhealthy condiments, donuts etc.  If it’s not something acceptable on a low carb diet just get rid of it.  Don’t even give yourself the option to give into temptation.

If you have non perishable food items like oatmeal, rice, or pasta give them to a food collective around your area.  If you can’t find one, most churches have a food pantry you can donate them to.

Out of sight, out of mind.