economical drivng

What Is Hypermiling?

Hypermiling is driving designed to increase the number of miles you get per gallon of gas.

I’ve got into hypermiling in the last couple a weeks as a way to cut down on transportation costs.  Ideally I would like to cut back on driving, even possibly get rid of my car.  Unfortunately, my work takes me to different locations around my area, so I must keep the car for now.  Since I have to drive, the next best solution is driving in the most efficient ways possible.  This means coasting to stop lights and accelerating slowly.  Easier said than done.  I tend to have a lead foot.

How does one start hypermiling?

Here are a few hypermiling techniques that will get you further and save money on gas:

– Roll to a stop when possible instead of braking

– Avoid stopping as much as possible

– Coast to stop signs

– Take your foot of gas on hills

– Accelerate slowly

– Avoid driving during rush hour traffic

– Turn off car when parked

– Turn your engine off if stuck in traffic

– Leave earlier so you don’t feel rushed

– Choose the scenic route, a route less cars travel

– Close windows & sunroof

– Make sure tires are full

– Remove roof rack if you don’t need it

– Don’t carry around deadweight. Good excuse to clean car

– Replace oil and get tires aligned