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13 Things I’ve Noticed After 3 Weeks On A Low Carb Diet

It’s been 21 days since I started my ketogenic diet, scratch that, my low carb diet.  I can’t say it was completely ketogenic because a week and a half through I upped the carb count from 20-30 g’s a day to 50-60 range.  I may up it a little more.  I lost so much weight during the first week of keto that a few of my family members told me I looked emaciated.  I withered down under 155 lbs.  It’s been a long time since I weighed 155 lbs.

The first 21 days of this diet have been interesting.  I’ve been pretty strict.  I’ve cheated once.  But overall I don’t even feel the urge to cheat.  In fact, I can’t see myself going back to a “cheat day.”  I feel too good cutting the carbs & sugars out.  Here are a few other things I’ve noticed during my first 21 days of a low carb diet:

1.  My cravings for carbs & sugar are gone.  I don’t feel tempted by bread, pasta, rice, or sweets.

2.  My body craves fat.  When I’m hungry I’m tempted by meat, avocados, and cheese.

3.  I can finally sleep like a normal human.  This has been the biggest and most beneficial part of the diet.  I’m a long time insomniac.  Since starting this diet I’ve slept like a baby.  As soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out and I stay out till the next day.

4.  Restaurants are a waste of your time.  Sure you can find ways to eat low carb but it’s usually a chore.  Just learn how to cook and avoid restaurants at all cost.  You’ll be helping your wallet and your body.

5.  I’ve lost a lot of weight.  Too much weight.  If you live an active lifestyle you may have to add some supplemental “good carbs” to you’re diet just to avoid emaciation.

6.  The first week or so of the diet was rough, but once I got past the keto flu my energy levels went through the roof.

7.  My libido is through the roof too.

8.  I don’t know if I’m experiencing mental clarity, but I’m definitely experiencing less anxiety.

9.  I’m less hungry.  I eat slower.  Sometimes I have to remind myself to eat.

10.  Not having a meal until noon  is not a problem.

11.  Coconut oil has become my most used food stuff.

12.  I no longer look forward or even care to have a “cheat day.”

13.  I will continue to stay on a low carb diet and I suggest you try it too.