Following By Christopher Nolan

Last night I watched Following.  It was on Netflix.  I had never heard of it before, but I saw that it was by Christopher Nolan so I figured it had to be somewhat decent.

Following was Nolan’s debut film.  It cost around $6,000 to make.  It was filmed in London on 16 mm film stock.  Nolan uses a non linear plot like some of his other films (Memento & Batman Begins).  The movie is only 70 minutes -short, efficient, with a great twist.

Here’s the plot from IMDb:

The protagonist of Following is Bill. Bill is an unemployed aspiring writer who lives a solitary and boring life in London, England. Bill has a fascination with people, and with hopes of finding material to write about, begins to pick individuals out of a crowd, and to follow them. Bill establishes rules to keep him out of trouble and to keep his ‘following’ random, but soon enough he breaks one of his rules by following someone more than once. The character he follows on numerous occasions first is Cobb. Cobb a confident and intelligent burglar catches Bill spying on him and soon involves Bill in his peculiar burglaries. Similar to Bill’s interest in following, Cobb has a great interest in the individuals he is stealing from. During the robbery of a residence Bill becomes interested in the woman who owns the flat, so he begins to follow her. Eventually he decides to meet her and they begin seeing each other. This upsets Cobb as he also learns the woman has asked Bill to do a job for her. But things are not as they seem, and soon Bill will find out why.

Why you should watch this movie

1. It’s Free if you have Netflix

2. It’s Only 70 minutes.  Not a major commitment.

3. It’s By Christopher Nolan.  He doesn’t make bad movies.

4. You like movies that DON’T give you the warm and fuzzies at the end. 

5. You’ll learn why you shouldn’t follow mysterious people in the city.  You shouldn’t be doing this anyways you creep.

6. You’ll learn why you should never trust a charismatic man in a suit and how easy it is to become a pawn in someone else’s game.

7.  You’ll learn that a man in love is a blind man.  A man that will do just about anything even if it means putting his life in danger. 

8.  You like black & white films.

9.  You like kill scenes that are orchestrated by hammers only.


Rotten tomatoes gave Following a 78% rating.  IMDb gave it a 7.6/10.  This seems about right.    

Following was an entertaining watch, but by no means is it a must see.  If you’re looking for a short movie with a twist you don’t see coming it’s worth a watch.