NBA Over/Under Predictions 2017-2018

Eastern Conference

15.  Chicago Bulls – 22: Full on tank mode. UNDER

14.  Atlanta Hawks – 25.5: Any remnants of the Horford/Millsap era is gone.  Another team in full on tank mode.  UNDER

13.  Brooklyn Nets – 27.5: There’s no incentive for the Nets to tank this season (Cleveland owns their pick).  The Nets were competitive during the 2nd half of last season and I expect that to continue.  They won’t be good but they won’t be as bad as they have been the last couple of seasons.  OVER

12.  Orlando Magic -33.5:  The Magic may be the most boring team in the entire NBA. UNDER

11.  New York Knicks – 30.5: Knicks fans should have a little optimism going into this season.  Jackson is gone.  Melo is gone.  Now if they could only get rid of Dolan.  OVER

10.  Indiana Pacers – 31.5: It won’t be pretty, but the Pacers will at least be competitive.  OVER

9.  Philadelphia 76ers – 41.5:  I’m not as high on the Sixers as most.  They don’t feel ready to make the jump to a playoff team quite yet.  I need to see a full season from Embiid, Simmons, and Fultz.  UNDER

8.  Detroit Pistons – 38.5:  The Pistons are the definition of mediocre, but mediocre can secure you the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference.  OVER.

7.  Charlotte Hornets – 42.5:  I haven’t been this excited to watch the Hornets since Larry Johnson.  Walker & Monk should make for an interesting backcourt.  The addition of Dwight makes any team interesting (not always in a good way).  OVER

6.  Milwaukee Bucks – 47.5:  47 wins seems a bit high for the Bucks.  Some think this young team will make a jump this season.  I don’t.  I can’t see how there any better this season.  If anything they might regress.  UNDER

5.  Miami Heat – 43.5:  I think the Miami Heat from the 2nd half of last season show up.  They may not be the sexy pick,  but they are well coached and play hard.  OVER

4.  Washington Wizards – 48:  One of the better starting 5’s in the NBA, but their bench is weak.  The Wizards are Wall/Beal injury away from mediocrity.  PUSH

3.  Toronto Raptors – 48.5:  Don’t sleep on the Raptors.  The Door may be closing on DeRozan/Lowry duo making it out of the Eastern Conference, but they still have another playoff run in them.  OVER

2.  Cleveland Cavilers – 53.5:  There will times when the Cavs look great.  There will times when they look vulnerable.  In the end, the Cavs will end up representing the Eastern Conference for the forth straight year.  OVER

1.  Boston Celtics – 55.5:  They only have four players returning from last year’s team.  There could be chemistry issues.  I’m reluctant to pick the over, but I’m also a complete homer.  OVER

Western Conference

15.  Phoenix Suns – 29:  The Suns are a young athletic team.  They’re going to be fun to watch.  They’re also going to give up a ton of points and lose a ton of games.  UNDER

14.  Sacramento Kings – 27.5: A strange mix of young and old.  The Kings are slightly better than Vegas might think. OVER

13.  Dallas Mavericks – 35.5: Dennis Smith Jr. & The Dirk farewell tour are the only reasons to watch this otherwise boring team. UNDER

12.  Los Angeles Lakers – 33.5: Lonzo gets all the hype, but additions like Kuzma, Lopez, and KCP will help the Lakers tack on a few more wins this season. OVER

11.  New Orleans Pelicans – 39.5: The Pelicans have the strangest roster in the NBA.  They have two all star centers, two point guards passed their prime, and a bunch random guys.  UNDER

10.  Memphis Grizzlies – 37.5: I don’t like picking against the Griz.  They’ve been so good for so long.  With that said, I think the grit & grind era is coming to an end.  OVER

9.  Portland Trailblazers – 42.5: The rest of the West got better, the Blazers stay the same.  A perpetually middle of the road team. UNDER

8.   Utah Jazz – 41:  The loss of Hayward will hurt.  There will times when they struggle to score, but their defense is among the league’s best.  The new grit & grind.  OVER

7.  Denver Nuggets – 45.5:  The Nuggets seem to be this year’s sexy pick, but I’m hesitant to pick the over.  I do, however think they’ll be good enough to make their first playoff appearance since 2013. UNDER

6.  Minnesota Timberwolves – 48.5:  The T’Wolves were last season’s sexy pick and they ended up with one of the worst records in the NBA.  The addition of Butler, Teague, & Gibson should help them make the playoffs this year, but 49 wins seems a bit high. UNDER

5.  Los Angeles Clippers – 43.5:  How does a team that loses their best player stay afloat?  IF Griffin can stay healthy.  IF Gallinari stays healthy.  These are big IF’s, but I think the Clippers shock some people this year.  OVER

4.  Oklahoma City Thunder – 50.5:  I’m worried about the chemistry issues.  Can Westbrook, George, & Melo coexist?  I think they can figure it out, but it may take sometime.  OVER

3.  San Antonio Spurs – 54.5:  I don’t like picking against the Spurs.  It seems like they quietly win 55-60 games every season.  But I’m worried about Leonard’s health, and the fact that they didn’t do much to improve this offseason while all the other powers in the West did. UNDER

2.  Houston Rockets – 55.5:  How Harden/Paul play together will be interesting.  Like the Thunder, they may have some growing pains,  but Harden & Paul are too talented not to figure it out eventually.  Once they do, watch out. OVER

1.  Golden State Warriors – 67.5:  I won’t be surprised if they win 70, and win another Championship. I expect it.  OVER