No Gym, No Problem – 4 Functional Strength Movements You Can Do Anywhere

A gym membership these days are cheap enough.  The giant chain gym like planet fitness have memberships for $10 a month.

But maybe you don’t care for gyms.  I don’t.

I live in New England.  The weather is miserable here for at least half the year.  The few months I want to take advantage of it.  I want to be outside soaking up vitamin D instead of packed inside a gym.

Since it’s summer I’ve been exercising outside.  I run, play basketball, and do a few simple strength movements.  These strength movements are so simple they’re often overlooked.  They can be done almost anywhere by all ability levels, and there functional, unlike many of the machines you see in the gym.

What are they?

 1.  The Pushup:  Will target your chest, shoulders, triceps, abs, and wing muscles (serratus anterior).  Add a chair to mix for incline or decline pushups.  Try doing 3 sets of 25.


2.  Pullups:  You’ll have to find pull up bar, but that shouldn’t be a problem.  Most parks will have a pull up bar or something you can use as a pull up bar.  If worse comes to worse, use a tree branch.  Will target your upper back, shoulders, biceps, forearms, and abs.  Try doing 3 sets of 5.


3.  Squats:  No barbell necessary.  Will targets your legs and abs.  Trying doing 3 sets of 50.

air squats

4.  Plank:  Will target your abs & obliques.  Plank on your sides for more of an oblique workout.  Try doing 3 sets – front, right side, and left side).



All you really need are these four movements.  Do three sets of each exercise, allowing 30-60 seconds rest periods between each exercise.  It shouldn’t take you more than a half hour.

There you go,  you have a full body workout and didn’t even have to step foot inside a gym.  You also got to soak up some much needed vitamin D.  You can never you the “but I don’t have a gym membership” ever again.